Hino Poncho

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Hino Poncho
Entetsubus poncho kururu-west.jpg
Manufacturer J-Bus[1]
Production 2002–present
Body and chassis
Class Complete bus
Layout Front-engine (1st generation)
Rear-engine (2nd generation)
Doors Single or dual door
Floor type Low-floor
Related Hino Liesse
Transmission 5-speed manual
5-speed automatic
Wheelbase 4.3m
Length 7.1m to 8.0m
Width 2.4m
Height 3.0m

The Hino Poncho (日野・ポンチョ) is a low-floor minibus introduced in 2002 by the Japanese manufacturer Hino. It is built by J-Bus.[2]

First generation(2002-2005)[edit]

The Poncho first generation was based on the Fiat Ducato chassis.

  • VF3ZCPMAC(2002)

Second generation (2006-present)[edit]

The Poncho second generation was developed from Hino Liesse.

  • ADG-HX6JHAE/LAE (2006)
  • BDG-HX6JHAE/LAE (2007)
  • SDG/SKG-HX9JHBE/LBE (2011)


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