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Hino Profia
Kuozui Motors
GAC Hino
Also calledHino 700 (other markets)
Zhongli, Taiwan[1]
Conghua, China
Body and chassis
Body styleTruck (standard cab (Worldwide), crew cab (Australia only))
RelatedIsuzu Giga
EngineP11C, E13C, A09C

The Hino Profia (Japanese: 日野プロフィア) is a heavy duty cab-over truck produced by Hino Motors, a 50.1% subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. It was introduced in 2003. In most export markets, it is also known as the Hino 700. The name Profia is officially used in Japan, and was previously known as the Super Dolphin Profia. The Hino F-Series truck's model codes are FN, FP, FR, FS, and FW. The tractor head model codes are SH and SS.


Super Dolphin (1981–1992)[edit]

Hino Super Dolphin

Introduced in 1981, the Super Dolphin was Hino's entry into the heavy duty truck market in Japan, and exported internationally.

Super Dolphin Profia (1992–2003)[edit]

Hino Super Dolphin Profia

Diesel engine availabilities are 7,961 cc J08C, 10,520 cc P11C, 13,267 cc K13D, 19,688 cc F20C, and 20,781 cc F21C.


  • FQ
    • Length - 11.99 m (472.0 in) [2]
      Width - 2.49 m (98.0 in) [2]
      Height - 3.64 m (143.3 in) [2]
  • FR
  • SH
    • Length - 6.05 m (238.2 in) [3]
      Width - 2.49 m (98.0 in) [3]
      Height - 2.78 m (109.4 in) [3]


In 2003 it was renamed as Hino Profia and still produced in Japan without Super Dolphin badge. The cabin design is similar to the fourth generation Ranger, but the Profia is bigger. It is based on the Grand Aerotech Design technology resulting outstanding aerodynamic performance. The cabin also adopts upgraded Emergency Guard Impact Safety (EGIS) to protect occupants. The Hino 700 is also available in Taiwan and made by Kuozui Motors, and is being assembled for other locations.

The model features 10.5-liter P11C, and 12.9-liter E13C diesel engines. Transmission is either 7, 12, or 16 speed manual. The Pro Shift 12 automated manual transmission is offered for the domestic market.

The 700 are sold in Australia and New Zealand with Eaton Fuller RoadRanger Super18 transmissions, as this is the most common heavy-duty transmission in use Down Under.

In April 2017, this facelifted version was revealed along with the facelifted Ranger. It incorporates new generation trapezoidal shape grill, a bigger high roof, LED headlights, a revised dashboard, a new 4-spoke steering wheel (replacing an original 2-spoke version), a configurable instrument cluster and a premium interior. The 10.5-liter P11C engine was discontinued in favor of an improved 8.9-liter A09C engine. Transmissions should continue to with manual (6-speed, 7-speed and 9-speed) and Pro Shift semi automatic (12-speed).


The Profia Heavy Duty Trucks are available as the following models:

  • FH 4x2
  • FN 6x2 double front axle
  • FQ 6x4 low floor
  • FR 6x2 double rear axle
    • Length - 11.98 m (471.7 in) [4]
      Width - 2.49 m (98.0 in) [4]
      Height - 3.75 m (147.6 in) [4]
  • FS 6x4
  • FW 8x4 low floor
    • Length - 11.99 m (472.0 in) [5]
      Width - 2.49 m (98.0 in) [5]
      Height - 3.48 m (137.0 in) [5]
  • FY 8x4
  • SH 4x2 Tractor Head
    • Length - 6.19 m (243.7 in) [6]
      Width - 2.49 m (98.0 in) [6]
      Height - 3.75 m (147.6 in) [6]
  • SS 6x4 Tractor Head
  • SV 6x4 Tractor Head


Diesel engines
Engine [Model] Production [Year] Displacement Cylinder
A09C 2007- 8,866 cc (541.0 cu in) I6
P11C 2003-17 10,520 cc (642 cu in) I6
E13C 2003- 12,913 cc (788.0 cu in) I6


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