Hinsdale Greyhound Park

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Hinsdale Greyhound Park
Hinsdale HGP.svg
Former namesHinsdale Raceway
Location688 Brattleboro Road, Hinsdale, New Hampshire
Coordinates34°51′27″S 138°33′46″E / 34.85750°S 138.56278°E / -34.85750; 138.56278Coordinates: 34°51′27″S 138°33′46″E / 34.85750°S 138.56278°E / -34.85750; 138.56278
OwnerJoseph Sullivan

Hinsdale Greyhound Park was a greyhound racing track in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, United States. It closed in 2008. It was originally Hinsdale Raceway, a horse racing track that began operation in 1958. During its heyday it drew thousands of spectators from all over New England and even Montreal. Harness racing prospered at Hinsdale throughout the 1960s, '70s and early '80s, until track management, in an attempt to reduce costs, converted the facility to year-round greyhound racing. This was popular too for several years, but competition from casinos in neighboring states slowly eroded the fan base, and the last several years of operation were a financial struggle. In late 2008 the track finally succumbed and ceased operations under a mountain of debt.[1] The racetrack was demolished a few years later.[citation needed]


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