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Hinterriß is a Tyrolean village in Schwaz District, Austria, located at the Rißbach river at a height of 928 metres. Legally, Hinterriß is split up between the municipalities of Vomp and Eben am Achensee. According to the latest census, Hinterriß has a total population of 54.

The Karwendel mountain range separates Hinterriß from the rest of Austria. The only road connection leads through German territory, as such Hinterriß is considered a practical exclave. However, unlike Jungholz and the Kleinwalsertal, Hinterriß never had a special status.

A toll-free road connects Hinterriß with Vorderriß, located in Germany. In the other direction, a toll road accessible only in summer connects Hinterriß with the small village of Eng.

Coordinates: 47°28′N 11°28′E / 47.467°N 11.467°E / 47.467; 11.467