Hintha Gon Pagoda

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Hinthagon Pagoda
Hin Tha Kone Pagoda.jpg
Hintha Gon Pagoda is located in Myanmar
Hintha Gon Pagoda
Shown within Myanmar
Geographic coordinates17°20′12″N 96°30′18″E / 17.3368°N 96.5050°E / 17.3368; 96.5050Coordinates: 17°20′12″N 96°30′18″E / 17.3368°N 96.5050°E / 17.3368; 96.5050

The Hinthagon Pagoda (Burmese: ဟင်္သာကုန်းဘုရား) is a shrine in Bago, Myanmar.[1] It is a popular tourist destination as it was named after the mythological Hintha bird,[2] a symbol of the Mon people.[3][4]

The monastery is situated on top of a hill that, according to Myanmar legend, was the only point rising from the sea where the Hintha bird could land.[5] Paintings and carvings of the Hamsa are visible throughout the temple.[6]

The Shwemawdaw Pagoda (tallest pagoda in Myanmar) can be viewed to the east, making it a popular view point.


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