Hip Hip Hura

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Hip Hip Hura
Hip Hip Hura cover.jpg
Studio album by Chrisye
Released 1985
Genre Pop
Length 41:38
Label Musica Studios
Chrisye chronology
Aku Cinta Dia
Hip Hip Hura
Nona Lisa

Hip Hip Hura (English: Hip Hip Hurray) is Chrisye's eleventh studio album, recorded in collaboration with Adjie Soetama. It was released in 1985 by Musica Studios. The album, with a similar beat to the earlier Aku Cinta Dia, was later certified silver. However, Chrisye was accused of plagiarism over the title song owing to similarities between it and Kenny Loggins' song "Footloose".


Hip Hip Hura was Chrisye's second collaboration with Adjie Soetama, after Aku Cinta Dia, which was released earlier that year.[1] Chrisye later stated that Hip Hip Hura was the second part of light beat trilogy, after Aku Cinta Dia but before 1986's Nona Lisa.[2]

Alex Hasyim, who had previously worked on Aku Cinta Dia, was booked as choreographer for Chrisye. Although initially unsure of the possibilities owing to the singer's well known stiff stage persona, Hasyim later noted that Chrisye enjoyed the choreography. He kept the dance moves simple to avoid breaking Chrisye's concentration while singing.[3]

Track list[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Hip Hip Hura" ("Hip Hip Hurray") Adjie Soetama 4:07
2. "Maafkanlah" ("Forgive") Chrisye and Adjie Soetama 3:25
3. "Sana Sini" ("Here and There") Chrisye and Adjie Soetama 4:15
4. "Juli" ("Juli") Dian Pramana Poetra and Deddy Dhukun 3:45
5. "Kau dan Aku" ("You and I") Chrisye 5:24
6. "Pemuda" ("Adolescent") Chrisye 4:15
7. "Tobat" ("Repentance") Dodo Zakaria 4:27
8. "Bulan Namanya" ("Its Name is the Moon") Adjie Soetama 3:27
9. "Rindu" ("Longing") Chrisye and Adjie Soetama 3:13
10. "Hura-Hura II" ("Not Serious II") Chrisye and Adjie Soetama 3:50
11. "Terima Kasih" ("Thank You") Adjie Soetama 3:23
Total length: 41:38


Despite Chrisye's concerns that the fast tempo did not work for him, Hip Hip Hura was well received.[4] It was certified silver in 1986, with the title song "Hip Hip Hura" receiving a BASF award.[5] In his biography, Chrisye stated that the public was still riding the "euphoria" of Aku Cinta Dia, which had similar musical styles.[1]

Hip Hip Hura has been reissued twice, once as a CD in 2004[6] and once as part of the Chrisye Masterpiece Trilogy Limited Edition in 2007.

The title song, "Hip Hip Hura", faced criticism due to its similarity to Kenny Loggins' 1984 single "Footloose"; the public accused Chrisye of plagiarism.[7] He later noted that it was meant to be a translation.[8]


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