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Hippo CMS
Hippo CMS 7 user interface
Hippo CMS 7 user interface
Stable release
12.0.2[1] / October 10, 2017 (2017-10-10)
Written in Java language
Available in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish
Type Content Management System
License Apache 2.0 Licence, Commercial
Website www.onehippo.org

Hippo CMS is an open-source, dual licensed, Content Management System.[2][3]


There are three components to Hippo CMS:[4]

Delivery Tier[edit]

The Hippo Site Toolkit is the presentation framework, using either JSP or FreeMarker to generate pages. Alternatively a REST API can be defined to serve structured content.


The user interface through which the content management and administrative functionalities can be used.

Content Repository[edit]

All content, metadata and configuration is stored in a modified version of Apache Jackrabbit.


Hippo CMS is available under the ASL 2.0.[5] Some modules are only available under a commercial license.


In October 2016, Hippo CMS was acquired by BloomReach,[6][7] an e-commerce personalization company.


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