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Hiram na Puso
Hiram na Puso title card.jpg
Title card
Also known as A Change of Heart
Genre Drama
Developed by Suzette Doctolero
Written by
  • Geng Delgado
  • Jules Katanyag
Directed by
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Theme music composer Maya Meriales Manzanas
Opening theme "Narito" by Kyla
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Tagalog
No. of episodes 88
Executive producer(s) Joseph Aleta
Producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Production location(s) Manila, Philippines
Cinematography Juan Lorenzo Orendain III
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) GMA Entertainment TV
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release March 5 (2012-03-05) – July 6, 2012 (2012-07-06)

Hiram na Puso (International title: A Change of Heart / lit. Borrowed Heart) is a 2012 Philippine television drama series broadcast by GMA Network. Directed by Andoy Ranay and Roderick Lindayag, it stars Kris Bernal and Gina Alajar. It premiered on March 5, 2012 on the network's Afternoon Prime line up replacing Kokak and worldwide on March 7, 2012 on GMA Pinoy TV.[1][2] The series concluded on July 6, 2012 with a total of 88 episodes. It was replaced by Hindi Ka na Mag-iisa in its timeslot.[3]


Zeny (Gina Alajar) is a nursing student whose life gets complicated when she gets impregnated by her boyfriend who subsequently leaves her. She gives birth to twins, but unluckily, one of them had a heart complication and needed immediate operation. But Zeny couldn't afford the cost of the operation, and so, she was left without a choice but to give up the healthier baby so she can save the ailing one. The ailing child survived and Zeny named her Lira (Kris Bernal). Eighteen years later, Zeny, now a nurse, discovers that Lira’s heart condition has recurred and her daughter is, for the second time, on the brink of death. The only thing that could save her is a heart transplant. But Zeny has no connections. One fateful night, Zeny becomes a witness to a tragic hit-and-run accident. She helps the victim, Angeline (Krystal Reyes), who is almost her daughter's age. For a second, she thought that she's found a "donor" for her daughter’s heart transplant, but that would only be possible if she lets the victim die. She shilly-shallies at first, but moved by her conscience, she decides to take the victim to a nearby hospital but Angeline is already clinically dead. Although distraught by the demise of their daughter, the victim’s parents Leo (Gardo Versoza) and Roxanne (Ayen Laurel) thanked Zeny for attempting to "save" Angeline. Learning of Lira’s ailment, they agreed to donate their daughter’s heart to Lira. Zeny is filled with so much happiness following the success of her daughter’s operation. But her joy will be short-lived. She knew that her daughter survived at the expense of someone else's daughter, and destiny has its way of bringing back the balance. Not long thereafter, Zeny observes strange things about Lira. She seemed to have adopted not only the heart of her donor, but her personality, too. What concerns Zeny more is that while Lira turns cold towards her, she also begins to develop affinity with Angeline’s parents. Upon learning that Lira now has Angeline’s heart, the latter’s boyfriend Prince (Mark Herras) stalks her and later falls in love with her. Unbeknownst to Prince, he is already stepping in the way of Lira’s friend Dennis (Polo Ravales) who secretly has feelings for her. More conflications arise when Angeline’s sister Vanessa (Bela Padilla) has been wanting to win the heart of Prince. Zeny went up against her conscience to keep her daughter, but now she’s emotionally losing her. Meanwhile, eventually, Vanessa is revealed that she is the missing sister of Lira as Kara. At the end, Lira died because of the same accident that happened to Angeline. Lira was pronounced clinically dead.

Cast and characters[edit]

Kris Bernal portrays Lira Banaag.
Bela Padilla portrays Vanessa Saavedra.

Main cast[edit]

The series main protagonist, she was a sweet and cheerful girl. A loving and obedient daughter of Zeny and Leo and Vanessa/Kara twin sister. Lira is raised with love and care by her mother, Zeny. Her fervent dream is to give her mother a comfortable life, that is why she strives hard to finish her studies. Unfortunately, she suffers from terrible heart condition and must undergoes heart transplant—an operation that will change, not only her old damage heart, but her whole life and the lives of the people around her, as well. At the end Lira dies from a hit & run accident just like Angeline, although Roxanne doesn't help Lira like what happened to Angeline.[4]
The male and main series protagonist. He was a rebellious son. A very loving boyfriend to Angeline. For him, Angeline is the one and only person he could trust... the one who understands and loves him wholeheartedly.[5]
A series secondary protagonists; she was a dedicated nurse and Leo's true love. A loving and protective mother to Lira and Vanessa/Kara real mother. Life is not easy, specially for a single mother like Zeny. She has to look for her daughter's welfare and at the same time, work hard to makes ends meet and give her daughter a brighter future.[6]
A series secondary protagonists; he was a loving husband and a caring father of Angeline and Vanessa.
The series main antagonist; She was Leo's loving wife and a perfect mother to Angeline, and is very manipulative. Although she recognizes Vanessa as her adopted daughter. She unfairly gives much attention, love and care to her real daughter Angeline.[7]
The series main antagonist, later protagonists at the end; She is the adopted daughter of the wealthy couple, Leo and Roxanne and the eldest sister of Angeline and the long lost daughter of Zeny and a twin sister of Lira. She almost had everything... beautiful face, comfortable life and a loyal friend, except for two things—the attention and love of her mother, Roxanne; and the love and affection of Prince, her younger sister's boyfriend, with whom she's secretly in love.[8]
The series male and main protagonists; he was a medical student. A handsome and perfect gentleman. Captivated by Lira's innocent beauty and kindness, he immediately falls in love to her. And so as Lira to him. Everything seems so perfect, not until Lira's change of heart... literally and figuratively.[9]

Supporting cast[edit]

Guest cast[edit]


According to AGB Nielsen Philippines' Mega Manila household television ratings, the pilot episode of Luna Blanca earned a 17.5% rating.[11] While the final episode scored a 20.7% rating.[12]


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