Hiran Minar

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Hiran Minar and Tank

Hiran Minar; Urdu: ہرن مینار (Minaret of Antelope) is set in peaceful environs near Lahore in Sheikhupura, Pakistan. It was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir as a monument to Mansiraj (lit: 'Light of the Mind'), his favourite pet deer or antelope.[citation needed]

The structure consists of a large, almost-square water tank with an octagonal pavilion in its center, built during the reign of his son, Shah Jahan.

A causeway with its own gateway connects the pavilion with the mainland and a 100-foot (30 m)-high minar, or minaret. At the center of each side of the tank, a brick ramp slopes down to the water, providing access for royal animals and wild game.[citation needed]

Unique features of this particular complex are the antelope's grave and the distinctive water collection system. At each corner of the tank (approximately 750 by 895 feet (273 m) in size), is a small, square building and a subsurface water collection system which supplied the tank; only one of these water systems is only extensively exposed today.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 31°44′35″N 73°57′19″E / 31.743013°N 73.955197°E / 31.743013; 73.955197