Hiroden Hakushima Line

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The Hakushima Line (白島線, Hakushima-sen) is a streetcar line of Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden) in Hiroshima, Japan. The line has been operated since 1912.

The total distance of the line is 1.2 kilometers. Route 9 operates on the line. The line has five stations, numbered W1 through W5.


No. Station Routes Connections
W1/M7 Hatchobori HirodenLine1.png Hiroden Line 2.png HirodenLine6.png HirodenLine9.png Hiroden Main Line
W2 Jogakuin-mae HirodenLine9.png
W3 Shukkeien-mae HirodenLine9.png (Shukkei-en)
W4 Katei Saibansho-mae HirodenLine9.png
W5 Hakushima HirodenLine9.png