Hiroden Hijiyama Line

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The Hijiyama Line (比治山線, Hijiyama-sen), also called the Minami Line (皆実線, Minami-sen), is a streetcar line of Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden) in Hiroshima, Japan. The line has been operated since 1944.

Although the line is registered at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism under the rarely used name "Minani Line", Hiroden officially calls it "Hijiyama Line".

The total distance of the line is 2.5 kilometers. Route 5 operates on the line. The line has seven stations, numbered H3 through H9.


No. Station Routes Connections
H3/M3 Matoba-cho HirodenLine1.png Hiroden Line 2.png HirodenLine5.png HirodenLine6.png Hiroden Main Line
H4 Danbara 1-chome HirodenLine5.png
H5 Hijiyama-shita HirodenLine5.png
H6 Hijiyama-bashi HirodenLine5.png
H7 Minami-kuyakusho-mae HirodenLine5.png
H8 Minami-machi 2-chome HirodenLine5.png
H9/U9 Minami-machi 6-chome HirodenLine1.png HirodenLine3.png HirodenLine5.png Hiroden Ujina Line