Shoko Center-iriguchi Station

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Shoko Center-iriguchi
Location 1-826-33, Inokuchi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
Operated by Hiroshima Electric Railway
Line(s) Hiroden  Miyajima Line
Route Hiroden Line 2.png
Connections Sanyo Main Line at Shin-Inokuchi Station
Other information
Station code M25
Opened September 1, 1960

Shoko Center-iriguchi is a Hiroden station on Hiroden Miyajima Line, located south side of the JR Shin-Inokuchi Station in Inokuchi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima.


From Hiroden-itsukaichi Station, there is one of Hiroden Streetcar routes.


Miyajima Line
Hiroden Line 2.png
Kusatsu-minamiShoko Center-iriguchiInokuchi

Other services connections[edit]

JR lines[edit]

Shoko Center-iriguchi Station is directly connected to the JR Shin-Inokuchi Station by the stairs and pedestrian overpass.

Bus services routes[edit]

Around station[edit]


  • Opened as "Inokuchi-byoin-mae" on September 1, 1960.
  • Renamed to "Arate-shako-mae" in 1971.
  • Renamed to the present station name "Shoko Center-iriguchi" on November 1, 1979.
  • Connected to the pedestrian overpass between Alpark and JR Shin-Inokuchi Station on November 30, 1989.

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Coordinates: 34°22′32″N 132°23′32″E / 34.3756°N 132.3921°E / 34.3756; 132.3921