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This is a list of lines and routes on the Hiroshima Electric Railway's railway and streetcar (tram) systems in and around Hiroshima, Japan.


Currently there are seven streetcar lines:

Line Total distance (km) Routes Stations
Main Line 5.5 km HirodenLine1.png Hiroden Line 2.png HirodenLine3.png HirodenLine5.png HirodenLine6.png HirodenLine7.png HirodenLine8.png 19
Ujina Line 5.7 HirodenLine1.png HirodenLine3.png HirodenLine5.png HirodenLine7.png 19
Eba Line 2.6 HirodenLine6.png HirodenLine8.png 7
Hakushima Line 1.2 HirodenLine9.png 5
Hijiyama Line(Minami Line) 2.5 HirodenLine5.png 7
Yokogawa Line 1.4 HirodenLine7.png HirodenLine8.png 5
Miyajima Line 16.1 Hiroden Line 2.png 21

Except for the Miyajima Line, they are called the "Inner City Line" and the fare is the same across all lines.


There are eight regular streetcar routes running on the lines shown above. These routes are usually identified by numbers.

Route Stations Journey time
HirodenLine1.png Hiroshima Station - Hiroshima Port Route 27 44 mins
Hiroden Line 2.png Hiroshima Station - Hiroden-miyajima-guchi Route 40 63 mins
HirodenLine3.png Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima - Hiroshima Port Route 29 48 mins
HirodenLine5.png Hiroshima Station - (via Hijiyama-shita) - Hiroshima Port Route 18 28 mins
HirodenLine6.png Hiroshima Station - Eba Route 20 35 mins
HirodenLine7.png Yokogawa Station - Hiroden-honsha-mae Route 15 25 mins
HirodenLine8.png Yokogawa Station - Eba Route 12 21 mins
HirodenLine9.png Hatchobori - Hakushima Route 5 7 mins
HirodenLine0.png Special train Route

Ticketing system[edit]

Special tickets[edit]

Both two-day and one-day tickets are available.

  • 2-day ticket for Hiroden streetcars, Miyajima Matsudai Kisen ferries to Miyajima, and ropeways for Mt. Misen
  • 1-day ticket for Hiroden streetcars and ferries
  • 1-day ticket for Hiroden streetcars
  • 1-day passport for "no car day" on the 22nd of every month
  • Paseo card - Prepaid card for Hiroden Streetcar, Astram Line and bus services around Hiroshima
  • Transfer card: Used when transferring from one line or route to another

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