Hiroiki Ariyoshi

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Hiroiki Ariyoshi
Born (1974-05-31) 31 May 1974 (age 45)
OccupationComedian, television presenter, singer
Years active1992 - Present

Hiroiki Ariyoshi (有吉 弘行, Ariyoshi Hiroiki, born 31 May 1974[1]) is a Japanese comedian and singer who is represented by Ohta Production.[2]


Born in Aki District, Hiroshima, Japan, Ariyoshi formed the owarai duo Saruganseki with Kazunari Moriwaki in 1994.[3] The pair became famous through the variety television show Susume! Denpa Shōnen when they were made to hitchhike across Asia, a task that was covered on the show for six months.[3] They were so popular when they returned that when they published a book about their travels, it became a best-seller.[3] When they released a single, Shiroi kumo no yō ni, it reached number three on the Oricon charts, with the album reaching number two.[4] They even received a new artist award at the Japan Record Awards in 1997.[5] While for a time they were earning 20 million yen a month (about $170,000[6] in 1997 US dollars),[7] their fame did not last long, and the duo broke up in 2004.[3]

Solo career[edit]

After his career went into decline, Ariyoshi's income reportedly fell to virtually nothing.[7][8] However, he gradually began reappearing on television, now as a solo comedian noted for his poison tongue.[3] His career really began to revive around 2006 when, on shows like Ametalk (hosted by Ameagari Kesshitai), he became known for giving mischievous nicknames to famous personalities.[9] In 2009, public opinion research conducted by Oricon found that those polled considered him to be the number one "comeback" personality of the year.[9] By 2011, he was ranked as the top television tarento in terms of number of appearances.[10] He now hosts several television shows, including Ariyoshi AKB Kyōwakoku with AKB48[11] and Matsuko & Ariyoshi no Ikari Shintō with Matsuko Deluxe,[12] and is a regular guest on variety shows like London Hearts.[13]

TV programs[edit]

  • Ariyoshi AKB Kyōwakoku (2010–2016)
  • London Hearts (2011–)
  • Matsuko & Ariyoshi's Angry New Party (2011–)
  • Woman On The Planet (2012–15)
  • Ariyoshi no Dare Toku (2012–)
  • Ariyoshi Japon (2012–)
  • Ariyoshi Seminar (2013–)
  • Ariyoshi Hanseikai (2013–)
  • Sakurai-Ariyoshi Yakkai (Co-host with Sakurai Sho of Arashi, 2015–)



Television drama[edit]

Dubbing roles[edit]


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