Hiroki Endo

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Hiroki Endo
Born 1970
Akita Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Manga artist
Nationality Japanese
Genre fiction
Subject science fiction manga.

Hiroki Endo (遠藤 浩輝, Endō Hiroki, born November 3, 1970 in Akita Prefecture) is a Japanese manga artist. He graduated from Musashino Art University. He is most known for his science-fiction series Eden: It's an Endless World!, which has been translated into English by Dark Horse.

Manga works[edit]

Serialized works[edit]

  • Eden: It's an Endless World! (1997–2008)
  • Meltdown (メルトダウン) (2002–present)
  • Hantei Shiai Jōtō! (判定試合上等!) (2006–present)
  • All Rounder Meguru (オールラウンダー廻) (2008–2016)
  • Soft Metal Vampire (ソフトメタルヴァンパイア) (2016–present)

Short story collections[edit]

  • Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu Volume 1 (1996–1997)[1]
    • "The Crows, the Girl and the Yakuza"
    • "Because You're Definitely a Cute Girl"
    • "For Those of Us Who Don't Believe in God"
  • Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu Volume 2 (1996–2000)
    • "Hang" (Hang)
    • "High School Girl 2000"
    • "Platform"
    • "Boys Don't Cry"


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