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Hiroki Suzuki (鈴木 拡樹, Suzuki Hiroki, born June 4, 1985) is a Japanese actor and singer from Osaka Prefecture represented by Junes Acting & Modeling. His debut acting roles were as Reira in the live action adaptation of the Fuuma no Kojirou manga and Shun Kisaragi in the live action adaptation of the Here is Greenwood manga. He guest starred in Kamen Rider Decade as Kazuma Kendate/Kamen Rider Blade.

He had auditioned to become a part of the D-Boys acting troupe under Watanabe Entertainment, and became friends with Hiroki Suzuki, whom he shares his name (in homophony and in English).



Stage Play[edit]

  • Gensoumaden Saiyuki
  • K The Stage - Fushimi Saruhiko
  • Touken Ranbu Stage Play - Mikazuki Munechika
  • Noragami Stage Play - Yato
  • Sengoku BASARA vs Devil May Cry - Dante

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