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Heroes episode
Heroes s01 e05.jpg
D.L. returns.
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 5
Directed byPaul Shapiro
Written byMichael Green
Production code105
Original air dateOctober 23, 2006
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"Better Halves"
Heroes (season 1)
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"Hiros" is the fifth episode of the first season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes.


Claire and Brody have survived their crash and are seen in the hospital. Claire finally tells her father that Brody had attempted to rape her, but makes him promise not to tell the authorities. Although Mr. Bennet promises he won't tell anyone, he later visits Brody's room with the mystery man. Brody threatens to sue Claire's father, though Mr. Bennet tells a weakened Brody that he will give him one more chance to straighten up his act. Although Brody refuses, the mystery man manages to erase Brody's entire memory. Claire later visits him, and finds out he doesn't know who she is, or even his own name.


Janice Parkman is worried sick about her missing husband, but worry turns to anger when she discovers him waking up on their couch. As Matt wakes up on his own couch, he recalls working with the FBI, but doesn't know where he's been for the past day. Reading her thoughts, Matt is surprised to learn how much Janice still worries and cares for him, even through they hardly speak anymore. Matt, reading his wife's mind, manages to learn her desires and her idea of a real dream date. He begins to act upon her wishes - even little ones, like going to buy her favourite coffee ice cream. Matt heads out for ice cream. Upon reaching the store, Matt learns there is a robber planning to shoot up the store. Matt manages to convince the robber to stop, but the customers in the store assume he is the robber and a tirade of thoughts begin to press Matt's mind. He ends up passing out.

Hiro, Nathan[edit]

The poker players beat up Ando and Hiro, and toss them at a desert diner. The two argue about Hiro's lack of help (even though he has powers) and Ando's Internet stripper. Ando finally storms out.

In Las Vegas, Mr. Bennet and the mystery man walk Nathan Petrelli from the hotel at gunpoint. Nathan uses his power of flight and manages to fly away. Nathan lands at the desert diner where Hiro is at and befriends him. Hiro tells of what he knows, about New York and how they each have powers. Nathan is not sure what to believe, but agrees to give Hiro a ride back to Las Vegas. Once reaching Vegas, the two break apart and Nathan speaks with Mr. Linderman's representative about the tape of his encounter with Niki. Nathan turns the situation around by asking for a doubling of Linderman's campaign contribution. If Linderman was so important to go through all this trouble for two million, then four million will guarantee his victory, making him even more valuable in the future.


Niki wakes up in the morning in Nathan's hotel room with no idea of how she got there. Mr. Linderman's representative informs Niki that since she slept with Nathan, she is no longer in debt. Niki, confused, sees the footage tape of her having sex with Nathan. A perplexed Niki returns home to find the police on her doorstep. Before they could inform her of what happened, Ando appears, causing a massive scare, as the cops had mistaken him for Niki's fugitive husband D.L. Hawkins. Ando had recognized Niki as his Internet stripper, and had followed her home. Niki does not help him, saying she wants to keep her business and personal life separate. It is at this point where D.L. shows up for real.

Peter, Isaac[edit]

With time apparently stopped, Peter encounters a future Hiro on a New York City Subway train. Hiro informs Peter he is from the future and that Isaac and his paintings will help save the city. Hiro ends off saying "save the cheerleader, save the world," and disappears. After this encounter, Peter is unable to convince the skeptical Mohinder to return to Isaac's apartment. Mohinder decides to retire from his research and head home.

In New York City, Peter arrives at Isaac's. Isaac asks Peter what he wants now after already having taken Simone away from him. Peter tells Isaac about his path and that Isaac was supposed to know the way. Peter realizes Isaac's paintings are a story, with the last being a final incomplete picture depicting a shadowy figure and the cheerleader (Claire). As Isaac doesn't have heroin -and therefore, no access to his powers to paint the future- Peter uses his ability of power mimicry and syncs to Isaac's power, in an attempt to discover who the shadowy figure is. Once Peter has finished, it's revealed the painting depicts a gruesome image of Claire lying splayed out in a sea of her own blood, the top of her head missing, just like the other murder victims in previous episodes.

The phone rings. Isaac says it's 'some Japanese guy' again - as it turns out, it's both Hiro and Ando reunited. Peter realizes it is Hiro and answers. "My name's Peter Petrelli," he says, "I have a message for you."


At the beginning
When a change comes, some species feel the urge to migrate, they call it "zugunruhe", a pull of the soul to a far off place. Following a scent in the wind, a star in the sky. The ancient message comes calling the kindred to take flight, and gather together. Only then can they hope to survive the cruel season to come.


The total viewership for this episode was 14.27 million. It earned an 8.6/12 share for the week.[citation needed]


  • Leonard Roberts (D.L. Hawkins) joins the cast in this episode. He had originally filmed scenes for the unaired pilot of D.L. escaping from prison but these were deemed unnecessary.

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