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Hiroshi Oguchi (sometimes spelled as Ohguchi) was born in Kawaguchi Japan, November 28, 1950. He died January 25, 2009, in Tokyo Japan, of cancer.[1]

A high profile Tokyo based conceptual artist, musician and scene maker, Hiroshi Oguchi has for decades been influential in the changing attitudes of Japan's youth. As a drummer he has been in the bands The Tempters, Pyg and Vodka Collins, recording many albums. He also owned and ran his own fashion company Practice of Silence.[2] Oguchi has also been an actor in a number of films, including Shōgun, Strange Circus (2006), and Silk (2007). He was married to the popular actress Kimie Shingyoji. They have one son, Gento Oguchi, who is a musician and an artist.


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