Hiroshi Takashige

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Hiroshi Takashige
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Manga artist
Known for Spriggan, Until Death Do Us Part

Hiroshi Takashige (たかしげ 宙, Takashige Hiroshi) is a Japanese manga artist best known in various manga communities in Japan and overseas for his work in Spriggan and later in Until Death Do Us Part.[1][2]


In 1996, he was a guest of honor with fellow Spriggan collaborator Ryōji Minagawa in a comic convention in Portugal.[3] The two then worked on Kyo.[2]

He became obscure from the manga community after his work in Spriggan was completed, though he resurfaced in 1998 to lend a hand in the creation of the Spriggan movie. He had recently been involved in doing Alcbane, Kurando and Until Death Do Us Part.



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