Hiroshima Bus Center

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Hiroshima Bus Center
Bus terminal
Hiroshima Bus Center, Hiroshima SOGO and AQ'A Hiroshima Center City.jpg
Hiroshima Bus Center, Hiroshima SOGO and AQ'A Hiroshima Center City
Location Hiroshima
Operated by Hiroshima Bus Center Co.,Ltd
Bus stands 20
Opened 29 July 1957 (1957-07-29)

Hiroshima Bus Center (広島バスセンター?, Hiroshima Basusentā) is the key bus terminal located in central Hiroshima.


Hiroshima Bus terminal opened on July 29, 1957, with bus stops around Kamiya-cho, Hiroshima. The current "Bus Center" opened in October 1974 as a part of "Hiroshima Center Building" together with Sogo and AQ'A Hiroshima Center City. "Hiroshima Bus Center" is on the 3rd floor. "Hiroshima Bus Center" and "AQ'A Hiroshima Center City" are operated by Hiroshima Bus Center Co.,Ltd.


  • 11 Departures
  • 9 Arrivals

Bus routes[edit]

Intercity express bus[edit]

Hiroshima Airport Limousine bus[edit]

Hiroshima Prefecture Internal express bus[edit]

Suburban bus[edit]

Local bus[edit]


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