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International Animation Festival Hiroshima

The International Animation Festival Hiroshima is a biennial animation festival hosted in Hiroshima, Japan. The festival was found in 1985 by Association International du Film d'Animation or ASIFA as International Animation Festival for the World Peace. The city of Hiroshima was one of the sites of nuclear bombings in 1945 at the end of World War II and it was chosen to inspire thoughts of unity through the arts. The festival is now considered one of the most respected animated festivals, along with Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, and Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films.

The first two festivals were held in odd years (1985 and 1987); since 1990, the festival has been held biennially in even years. In 2008, the 12th Festival takes place for 5 days (Aug. 7-Aug. 11). The city of Hiroshima co-hosts the festival, which takes place in Aste Plaza near the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park at the center of Hiroshima city.

The founding of the festival is largely credited to Sayoko Kinoshita and her late husband Renzo Kinoshita. The married couple were renowned figures in the independent animation world and also founders of ASIFA's Japan chapter.[1] Sayoko Kinoshita has been the festival director since the first festival and is now also the president of ASIFA.

In the festival's first year in 1985, the Grand Prize was awarded to Broken Down Film by Osamu Tezuka [2] and the animator became one of the members of the jury for the following festival. This cycle has often repeated and many of the grand prize winners have become judges for the following festival.

In 2010, the Festival had nearly 1,937 entries from 57 countries and regions, and had more than 34,000 participants.[3] The next festival will take place in 2020 and submissions for entries will begin in late 2019. [4]

Grand Prize winners[edit]

Year English title Director(s) Country
1985 Broken Down Film[5] Osamu Tezuka  Japan
1987 The Man Who Planted Trees Frédéric Back  Canada
1990 The Cow Aleksandr Petrov  Soviet Union
1992 The Sandman Paul Berry  United Kingdom
1994 The Mighty River Frédéric Back  Canada
1996 Repete Michaela Pavlátová  Czech Republic
1998 The Old Lady and the Pigeons Sylvain Chomet  France
2000 When the Day Breaks Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis  Canada
2002 Father and Daughter Michaël Dudok de Wit  Netherlands
2004 Mount Head Kōji Yamamura  Japan
2006 Milch Igor Kovalyov  United States
2008 A Country Doctor Kōji Yamamura  Japan
2010 Angry Man[6][7] Anita Killi  Norway
2012 I Saw Mice Burying a Cat[8] Dmitry Geller  Russia
2014 The Bigger Picture[9] Daisy Jacobs  United Kingdom
2016 The Empty[10] Jeong Dahee  South Korea
2018 The Blissful Accidental Death[11] Sergiu Negulici  Romania

Notable Hiroshima Prize winners[edit]

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