Hiroshima Sun Plaza

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Hiroshima Sun Plaza
Location 1-1, Shoko Center 3-chome, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
Owner Hiroshima City
Operator Hiroshima City Industrial Promotion Center
Capacity 6,052
fixed seats:3,040
movable seats:3,000
seats for handicapped people:12
Opened September, 1985
Hiroshima Dragonflies
2011 FIVB Women's World Cup

Hiroshima Sun Plaza is an arena in Hiroshima, Japan. With a capacity of 6,052, it is primarily used for indoor sports and concerts.

Seijin shiki (the Japanese coming-of-age ceremony) will be held every January by Hiroshima City.



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Coordinates: 34°22′13″N 132°23′40″E / 34.370353°N 132.394577°E / 34.370353; 132.394577