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Hiroyuki Kanno
菅野 洋之(Kanno Hiroyuki)
Born(1968-05-08)May 8, 1968
Tokyo, Japan
DiedDecember 19, 2011(2011-12-19) (aged 43)
Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Other namesYukihiro Kenno (剣乃 ゆきひろ, Kenno Yukihiro)
Alma materHosei University

Hiroyuki Kanno (菅野 ひろゆき, 8 May 1968 – 19 December 2011) was a Japanese video game designer who wrote and directed visual novels and eroge adventure games starting in the 1990s. Some of his most well-known games include Xenon, Desire, Eve Burst Error (at C's Ware) and YU-NO (at ELF Corporation), which had a major influence on the visual novel genre.[1] He was friends with Ryu Umemoto, who often worked closely with him and composed music for the games.[1] In December 1997, he founded Abel corporation and became its CEO. In 2011, Kanno died due to cerebral infarction and brain hemorrhage.[2][3]


According to Anime News Network, YU-NO is "considered one of the most beloved narrative games in Japan, and its system of parallel storylines had a profound influence on storytelling in visual novels in the years since its original release."[4] According to ITmedia, the influence of Kanno, and YU-NO in particular, goes beyond visual novels and extends to modern Otaku works in general. The mangaka Tamiki Wakaki, for example, has cited YU-NO as an influence on the manga and anime series, The World God Only Knows. Other visual novel and manga authors who cited YU-NO as an influence include Romeo Tanaka, Poyoyon Rock, Jun Maeda, Type-Moon's Hikaru Sakurai, White Album 2 and Saekano author Fumiaki Maruto, and To Heart author Toru Minazuki.[5] According to RPG Site and DualShockers, Hiroyuki Kanno's work influenced later visual novels such as Fate/stay night and Steins;Gate.[6][7]


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