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Map of the quarter of Hirslanden in Zürich
Adlisberg and Hirslanden, as seen from Uetliberg, Seefeld quarter in the foreground (October 2009)

Hirslanden is a quarter in the district 7 in Zürich.

It was formerly a municipality of its own, having been incorporated into Zürich in 1893.

The quarter has a population of 6,859 distributed on an area of 2.2 km2 (0.85 sq mi).

Hirslanden is located on the western side of the Adlisberg.

Aerial view (1953)

Coordinates: 47°21′52.72″N 8°33′58.62″E / 47.3646444°N 8.5662833°E / 47.3646444; 8.5662833