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Country of origin Pakistan
Equus ferus caballus

The Hirzai is a rare breed of riding horse originating from Pakistan.


According to Pakistan's Agricultural Department, the original stock of the Hirzai breed is said to have been derived from a mare owned by the Rind chief named Shol, by an Arabian stallion belonging to a European military officer who accompanied the contingent of Shah Shujah al-Mulk through Shoran in the first Anglo-Afghan War of 1839. Representative animals are still owned by His highness Suleman Dawood Khan of Kalat.


The predominant colour of the Hirzai is gray. The head is handsome with a broad forehead; the neck is medium in length, muscular, and arched; the body is compact with a short back and well-muscled loins; the croup is level; the shoulders are well sloped and powerful; the forearms are strong, but the legs lack bone. This is a horse of strength, good conformation, and stamina and it can used for hard and fast work. It usually stands around 15 hands (60 inches, 152 cm) high.


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