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Hisøy kommune
Former Municipality
Location of Hisøy
Location of Hisøy
Coordinates: 58°25′44″N 08°44′37″E / 58.42889°N 8.74361°E / 58.42889; 8.74361Coordinates: 58°25′44″N 08°44′37″E / 58.42889°N 8.74361°E / 58.42889; 8.74361
Country Norway
County Aust-Agder
District Sørlandet
Municipality ID NO-0922
Adm. Center Hisøy
Created from Øyestad in 1881
Merged with Arendal in 1992

Hisøy is an island and a former municipality in Aust-Agder county, Norway. Today, the island is a part of the municipality of Arendal. Hisøy is an island separated from the mainland by the river Nidelv. The village of Kolbjørnsvik is located across the harbor from the town of Arendal. The boat "Kolbjørn" provided transportation across the harbor for over 100 years.

The boat "Kolbjørn" in its route between Arendal and Hisøy


The municipality (originally the parish) is named after the old His farm (Old Norse: Hís). The first element, His, means "the cut" (probably referring to how the river turns near the island) and the last element is ø or øy which means "island".[1][2]


The municipality of Hisø was created on 1 January 1881 when the municipality of Øyestad was split into Øyestad (population: 4,474) and Hisø (population: 2,652).

On 1 January 1992, as part of a major municipal merger, Hisøy was incorporated into the neighboring municipality of Arendal. Prior to the merger, Hisøy had a population of 4,026.[3]


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