Jordan Royal Guard

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Jordan Royal Guard
الحرس الملكي الاردني
Royal Guard Insignia.jpg
Emblem of the Jordanian Royal Guard
Founded October 1920
Current form March 1956
Headquarters AMMAN
Commander King Abdullah II
Chief of Defense Brigadier General Ogla Ghammar Al Zboun
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Royal Guard Brigade - Hamza Ibn Abd Al-Muttalib (Sayed Al-Shuhada) is a unit of the Jordanian Armed Forces, Royal Guard Brigade is considered the largest, most professional and highly capable brigade in JAF.

The Royal Guards are based in Amman. The members of the Royal Guards brigade are normally of Circassian background who were settled during the Ottoman Empire period from Caucacasus, and their role is to guard the king, the royal family, the various royal palaces and key installations. The Royal Guards come under the operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. There is also a special bodyguard unit assigned to King Abdullah, called the Security and Protection Unit of the Supreme Commander. It was commanded by the king's brother, Prince Ali.[1][2]

The current commander is Brigadier General Ogla Ghammar Al Zboun since June 2010.


  • Brigade HQ
  • Signal company
  • 2 Regular Royal Guard Battalions
  • Special Royal Guard Battalion
  • 61st Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR-61)[3]
  • Supreme Commander's Security and Protection Unit
  • Counter Assault Teams (CATs)
  • Services and Support Units
  • Royal Guard Training School

Former commanders[edit]

Lieutenant-Colonel Prince Ali bin Hussein was the commander from 1999 until January 28, 2008.[2]

Brigadier Hussein Majali was the commander before Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein.[4]


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