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The Hisar, is a hill near Leskovac and Prokuplje, Serbia which is the town's symbol. As the word "hisar" derives from Turkish and means "fortress", it is the site of the medieval fortress with a still well preserved tower, popularly called the Tower of Jug Bogdan, who was a hero of the Battle of Kosovo.


Hisar is a multi-periodal settlement.

Traces of life of the Brnjica culture[1] (8th century BC) is seen in the plateau that was protected by a deep moat with a palisade on its inner side, a fortification similar to that of another fortification on the Gradac site in Lanište[disambiguation needed] in the Velika Morava basin.[2]

A later Iron Age settlement existed at Hisar dating from the 6th century BC until the 4th century BC.[3] Besides Greek fibulae and pottery, Triballi (Thracian) tombs have been excavated in 2005.[4]