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Hish insignia

Hish (Hebrew: חי"ש‎, an abbreviation of Heil HaSadeh (Hebrew: חיל השדה‎), lit. Field Corps) was a corps formed by the Haganah in the British Mandate of Palestine in 1939, following the disbandment of the smaller mobilized force known as the Fosh. It was the Haganah's main surface corps, alongside Him and the Palmach.


1939 was a turning point for the Jewish Defence forces. Orde Wingate was transferred out of Palestine and the Fosh was replaced by a less mobile but permanent "Field Force/Corps", Heil Sadeh or the acronym Hish. The forces were formed with men with basic military training into Home Guard units, Heil Mishmar, Him. With Plugot Meyuhadot (Pum) as covert "Special Companies" to wage a counter terror war against the Arabs.

Hish consisted of the Levanoni Brigade, Carmeli Brigade, Golani Brigade, Kiryati Brigade, Alexandroni Brigade, Etzioni Brigade, Givati Brigade and Oded Brigade.


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