Hisham Fageeh

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Hisham Fageeh
Hisham Fageeh (cropped).jpg
Fageeh in 2018
Born (1987-10-26) October 26, 1987 (age 31)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
MediumStand-up, YouTube
Years active2011 – present
Genresobservational comedy, satire, character comedy, improvisational comedy, anti-comedy, surreal humor

Hisham Fageeh (Arabic: هشام فقيه; born October 26, 1987) is a comedian and actor from Saudi Arabia.

Life and career[edit]

Hisham Fageeh was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.[citation needed] Fageeh co-produced and starred in Saudi Arabia's submission to the Oscars for 2016's Best Foreign Film, "Barakah Meets Barakah". His work has been written about by The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, BBC, Variety, among others. Most-known for his 2013 viral video "No Woman, No Drive"[1] which amassed more than 14 million views, Hisham started performing stand-up while working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.[citation needed]

During his Master's at Columbia University, he studied improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCBT). He started a web series (Hisham's Weeklies) before doing stand-up in Saudi Arabia.[citation needed] Within a year Fageeh was taking the stage with comedians Dean Obeidallah, Maysoon Zayid, Aasif Mandvi, Aron Kader, and Hari Kondabolu. He began performing in Arabic after his satirical blog YouTube series "Isboo'iyat Hisham" (Hisham's Weeklies) went viral in December 2011, he joined the ranks of Fahad Albutairi and Bader Saleh in the Saudi stand-up circuits.[2]

Fageeh is said to be as the first Saudi to perform in Gotham Theater and headline an Arabic stand-up comedy tour in the United States and England.[3] He was previously Head of Content at Telfaz11, a multi-channel network with 12 million subscribers and more than one billion views. Fageeh was a featured performer in the 2012 New York Arab-American Comedy Festival, both in the "New Faces" and "Haram night" shows.[4] Fageeh is known for his report from New York for La Yekthar. This segment of La Yekthar has been covered by the BBC and the GlobalPost.[5]


Year Film Role Notes
2010 Le Yekhtar Show Himself Series
2011 Hisham Weeklies Himself Series
2012 The Dangers of Smoking Short
2013 Khambalah: Stereotype Short
2013 Daughter Short
2013 Khambalah: Manhood Academy 2 Short
2013 Tony Short
2013 Khambalah: Job Opening Short
2013 La Yekthar: Abo Hayat Short
2013 No Woman, No Drive Video
2013 Khambalah: A Victim of Reputation Short
2014 Khambalah: Carved in Stone Short
2014 Khambalah: Project DAES Steve Jobs Short
2014 Hamith Hiloo Video Short
2014 Folaim: Ahem Ahem Short
2014 From A to B Saudi Officer Film
2014 Folaim: Cocktail Short
2014 Kees: Jeddah Is Plastic and Sea Short
2015 Kees: Damascus Papers Short
2015 Bedoon Nas: Wear a Suit Short
2015 Kees: Brushes and Human Beings Short
2015 Carlos Is Nostalgic for Home Short
2015 I'm Listening Short
2015 Khambalah: Manhood Academy 3 Short
2015 Kees: Call the Guardian Short
2016 Khambalah: Origin of Word Short
2016 Barakah yoqabil Barakah Barakah Film
2017 Folaim: People with Special Needs Short


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