Hispania F111

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Hispania F111
Vitantonio Liuzzi 2011 Malaysia Qualify.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor HRT
Designer(s) Geoff Willis (Technical Director)
Paul White (Chief Designer)
Predecessor Hispania F110
Successor HRT F112
Technical specifications
Engine Cosworth CA2010 2,400 cc (146.5 cu in) V8 (90°), limited to 18,000 RPM, naturally aspirated, mid-mounted
Transmission Williams Seven-speed with reverse gear
Fuel BP
Tyres Pirelli
Competition history
Notable entrants Hispania Racing F1 Team
HRT Formula 1 Team
Notable drivers 22. India Narain Karthikeyan
22/23. Australia Daniel Ricciardo
23. Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi
Debut 2011 Australian Grand Prix
Races Wins Podiums Poles F.Laps
19 0 0 0 0

The Hispania F111, also known as the HRT F111, is a Formula One racing car developed for Hispania Racing. The car competed in the 2011 Formula One season and was the first Formula One car designed by the team as HRT's entry into the 2010 season, the F110, was designed by Dallara. Throughout 2011, the F111 was driven by Narain Karthikeyan, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Daniel Ricciardo.


After struggling both on and off-track in 2010, speculation suggested that the team would not be racing in 2011.[citation needed] The car's development had a chequered history before it was even built, with an arrangement with the remains of Toyota Racing to give the team access to the abandoned TF110 project falling through before it could even be completed,[citation needed] with Toyota citing the uncertain financial condition of the team as the leading cause in the failed joint venture.[citation needed] Later reports suggested that while Hispania no longer had access to the TF110, designer Geoff Willis had been given access to the technical plans of the car for long enough to incorporate ideas from the TF110 into the F111 chassis. Driver Narain Karthikeyan later admitted that the F111 would largely be based on its predecessor, the Hispania F110.[citation needed]

The team set a provisional launch date of 3 March,[1] however, the car was not unveiled until 11 March at the final pre-season test in Barcelona. The team was unable to conduct any testing as key suspension parts that had been flown into the country had not been released by Spanish customs.[2] This made Hispania the twelfth and final team to launch their 2011 car. The late launch date of the car, after the cancellation of the test at the Bahrain International Circuit, one week before the first race of the season, meant that the launch was postponed by just over one week.

The team employed Hollywood concept vehicle designer Daniel Simon – known for his work on the 2011 film Tron: Legacy – to design the car's livery.[3]


The F111 enjoyed its best race in Canada when Vitantonio Liuzzi finished 13th and Narain Karthikeyan (pictured) finished 17th because of a time penalty which demoted him from 14th to 17th.

The F111 completed its first timed lap in the last 10 minutes of the third practice session of the 2011 Australian Grand Prix, driven by Karthikeyan. In qualifying later that day, the car failed to qualify within 107% of pacesetter Sebastian Vettel and was not allowed to start the race. During this race weekend the F111 lacked its nose and front wing which had not then passed crash tests. The car therefore used those that had been designed for the F110. From the next race in Malaysian Grand Prix the correct wing and nose were fitted. The F111 was then able to qualify comfortably within the 107% time. In the next two races, both cars managed to finish the race. At the Spanish Grand Prix, only Karthikeyan was able to finish the race, while Liuzzi retired with a gearbox problem. In the next two races both drivers finished the race, including the Canadian Grand Prix where the team enjoyed their best race to date with Liuzzi and Karthikeyan finishing in 13th and 14th places respectively. However, Karthikeyan was given a post-race penalty which demoted him to 17th place.

Complete Formula One results[edit]


Year Entrant Engine Tyres Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Points WCC
2011 Hispania Racing F1 Team Cosworth CA2011 V8 P AUS MAL CHN TUR ESP MON CAN EUR GBR GER HUN BEL ITA SIN JPN KOR IND ABU BRA 0 11th
Karthikeyan DNQ Ret 23 21 21 17 17 24 TD TD TD TD 17
Ricciardo 19 19 18 Ret NC 19 22 19 18 Ret 20
Liuzzi DNQ Ret 22 22 Ret 16 13 23 18 Ret 20 19 Ret 20 23 21 20 Ret


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