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Country of originSpain
  • Male:
    450 kg
  • Female:
    400 kg
  • Male:
    158 cm
  • Female:
    155 cm
Breed standards

The Hispano-Árabe is a Spanish horse breed originating from the cross-breeding of Arab and Andalusian horses.


The Hispano-Árabe has been bred in Andalusia since about 1800. The current breed standard was published in 2002, and modified in 2005.[1] Since 2008 the stud book has been held by the breeders' association, the Union Española de Ganaderos de Pura Raza Hispano-Árabe (UEGHá).[2] At the end of 2010, a total of 5835 horses were registered, of which approximately 60% were in Andalusia. The breed is considered a "Raza Autóctona en Peligro de Extinción", or autochthonous breed in danger of extinction.[1]

Hispano-Árabe horses can also be registered with the Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia and with the British Association for the Pura Raza Hispano-Árabe.[3][4]


The Hispano-Árabe is well-proportioned and harmoniously made, with a slender outline and light movements. Due to the origins of the breed, there is considerable variation in appearance, which however does not in itself constitute a reason for disqualification from registration.[5] It is usually either grey or dark-coloured.[6]: 472 

Males average 158 cm (15.2 hands) at the withers and 450 kg (990 lb) in weight; females average 155 cm and 400 kg.[7]


The Hispano-Árabe is a saddle-horse, suitable for equestrian sports such as acoso y derribo, show-jumping, dressage, cross-country, endurance and TREC; as a working horse for doma vaquera and herding, its traditional use; and for trekking and group sports.[8][3]


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