Hista hegemon

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Hista hegemon
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Castniidae
Genus: Hista
Species: H. hegemon
Binomial name
Hista hegemon
(Kollar, 1839)[1]
  • Castnia hegemon Kollar, 1839
  • Castnia satrapes Buchecker, [1880] (preocc. Kollar, 1839)
  • Castnia menetriesi Boisduval, [1875]
  • Castnia variegata Rothschild, 1919

Hista hegemon is a moth in the Castniidae family. It is found in south-eastern Brazil.

The length of the forewings is 39 mm for males and 53 mm for females. The maculae on the forewings are slightly darker than the ground colour. There are light yellow hues medially on the hindwings, with two extradiscal spotbands fused at the tornus forming a v-shape which is positioned horizontally. Adults are sexually dimorphic.


  • Hista hegemon hegemon (Brazil)
  • Hista hegemon menetriesi (Boisduval, [1875]) (Brazil)
  • Hista hegemon variegata (Rothschild, 1919) (Brazil: Santa Catarina)


The specific epithet is derived from the Greek word hegemon (meaning "leader").


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