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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): SAR
(unranked): Alveolata
Phylum: Dinoflagelate
Genus: Histioneis

Histioneis is a genus of dinoflagellates.[1]


  1. ^ Gómez, F. (2007). "Synonymy and biogeography of the dinoflagellate genus Histioneis (Dinophysiales: Dinophyceae)". Revista de Biologia Tropical. 55 (2): 459–477. PMID 19069760. 

Further reading[edit]

Polat, Sevim; Koray, Tufan (November 2002). "New records of the genus Histioneis F.R. von Stein (Dinophyceae) from Turkish coastal waters". Turkish Journal of Botany. 26 (6): 481–484. Retrieved 8 February 2015.