Historia de un Amor

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"Historia de un Amor" (Spanish for "a love's story") is a song about a man's old love written by Panamanian songwriter Carlos Eleta Almarán.[1] It was written after the death of his brother's wife. It is also part of the soundtrack of a 1956 Mexican film of the same name starring Libertad Lamarque. The song tells of a man's suffering after his love has disappeared.


"Historia de un Amor"
Single by Nektarios Vinsalentti
from the album Amor & Pasión
GenreClassical crossover
LabelSony Music, Syco Music and Columbia Records.
Songwriter(s)Carlos Eleta Almarán, Panamanian
Producer(s)Julio Reyes Copello

The song was first recorded as a tango by Héctor Varela and his orchestra along with singer Rodolfo Lesica[4].

This song has been sung or played by many artists: Dalida, Irvys Juarez, Mietta, Guadalupe Pineda, Eydie Gormé & Trio Los Panchos, Los Paraguayos, Nicola Di Bari, Abbe Lane, Julio Iglesias, Angélica María, Nana Mouskouri, George Dalaras, Hrysoula Stefanaki, Perez Prado, Pilita Corrales, Laura Fygi, Iva Zanicchi, Mietta, Dizzy Reece, Pedro Infante, Ana Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Luz Casal, Yasar, Cesaria Evora, Lili Boniche, Los Tres Ases, Dany Brillant, Eartha Kitt, Krystyna Janda, Stanisława Celińska, Sargis Maghakyan Sr., Zaz (singer), Il Volo, Felipe Pirela, Miri Mesika,[5] Diego El Cigala, Margarita Suvorova, Il Divo, French Latino, Faramarz Aslani and among others.

The song was featured several times in the Colombian telenovela "La Hija del Mariachi", performed by Carolina Ramirez. In the film "Visage" by Tsai Ming-liang, Lebanese singer Mohammed Jamal recorded the song in the 1980s in Arabic under the title "You and Dancing And me" (إنت والرقص وأنا).[6] A Turkish cover called "Bütün Dualarım Seninle" ("All My Prayers with You") was performed by Berkant in 1972.

It has also been covered in Chinese, with the lyrics written by Chen Die-Yi 陳蝶衣 (Oct 17, 1907 in Wujin, Jiangsu to Oct 14, 2007 in Hong Kong). The song title in Chinese is 我的心裡没有他 (literally: He Is Not in My Heart).

Il Divo, along with Colombian producer Julio Reyes Copello, recorded the song for the album Amor & Pasión from Il Divo (2015).[7]

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