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Coordinates: 38°43′27″N 90°30′23″W / 38.724241°N 90.506306°W / 38.724241; -90.506306

Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum
Mailpane Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum.jpg
LocationCreve Coeur Airport in Maryland Heights, Missouri

The Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum, located at Creve Coeur Airport in Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA is a museum dedicated to restoring and preserving historical aircraft. The airplanes in the collection are all fabric-covered, and most are biplanes from the inter-war years (the "Golden age of flight").[1] The museum's volunteers maintain most of these aircraft in full working order and this is one of the largest collections of flying classic aircraft in America.[2]


The museum collection concentrates on civil aircraft from the inter-war years, with most of the aircraft originating from 1916 to 1946.[3] There are several Waco biplanes, with the oldest of these types being a WACO 10, which was built in 1928.[4] The oldest airplane on display is a Standard J-1[1] that was built in 1917 and was used in the movie The Rocketeer and The Great Waldo Pepper.

Several of the preserved aircraft are the only surviving airworthy examples of their type.

The museum opens regularly to the public and conducted tours can be arranged. Aircraft rides are available at the museum by request, in either a de Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth or in a North American SNJ-5.[5]


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