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The Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.[1]

Historic Hotels of America is a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation that was founded in 1989 with 32 charter members; the program accepts nominations and identifies hotels that have maintained their authenticity, sense of place, and architectural integrity. In 2015, the program included over 260 members in 44 states, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.[3] In 2022, the program includes 273 hotels.[4] This article lists current and former member hotels.

Authentically historic hotels "that have a story to tell" are worth more.[5]


To be included in the program, a hotel must be at least 50 years old; designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark or listed on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places;[6] and recognized as having historic significance.

The program generates funds for the National Trust through commissions on bookings done through their website,[7] and from membership fees.[citation needed]

Historic Hotels of America plaque at the King and Prince
Casa Marina Hotel
Moana Surfrider
The Don CeSar
Mayflower Hotel
Timberline Lodge dedication, 1937
Jekyll Island Club

Its charter members were as follows (this includes a number of charter members no longer with the organization as of 2022):[note 1]

Former members:

Current and former members of the HHA program, by state, include:

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Founding HHA member
National Historic Landmark
Contributing in a NRHP-listed Historic district
Former HHA member


Former members:



Former members:



Hotel Image Dates Location City, State Description
1 La Valencia Hotel La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla, San Diego.jpg 1926 built
1989 HHA[11] 2022 HHA still[11]
1132 Prospect Street
32°50′54″N 117°16′25″W / 32.8483°N 117.2735°W / 32.8483; -117.2735 (La Valencia Hotel)
La Jolla Spanish Colonial Revival in style, also known as "The Pink Lady of La Jolla"
2 Sofia Hotel (1926) San Diego, 2016 - 239.jpg 1927 built
2008 HHA[12] 2022 HHA still[12]
150 W. Broadway
32°42′57.5″N 117°9′51.5″W / 32.715972°N 117.164306°W / 32.715972; -117.164306 (Sofia Hotel)
San Diego
3 Omni La Costa Resort & Spa (1926) San Diego, 2016 - 239.jpg 1965 built
2014 HHA[13] 2022 HHA still[13]
33°05′32″N 117°15′54″W / 33.09220°N 117.26488°W / 33.09220; -117.26488 (Omni La Costa Resort & Spa) Carlsbad
4 The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa MissionInn SpanishWing.jpg 1876 built
1971 NRHP
NHL 1977
1996 HHA[14] 2022 HHA still[14]
3649 Mission Inn Ave
33°59′00″N 117°22′22″W / 33.98333°N 117.37278°W / 33.98333; -117.37278 (Mission Inn Hotel & Spa)
Riverside Generally considered the largest Mission Revival Style building in the United States; a U.S. National Historic Landmark.
5 Hotel Casa del Mar Casa del Mar Santa Monica.jpg 1926 built
2000 NRHP
2018 HHA[15] 2022 HHA still[15]
1910 Ocean Way
34°0′23.6″N 118°29′27.3″W / 34.006556°N 118.490917°W / 34.006556; -118.490917 (Hotel Casa del Mar)
Santa Monica
6 The Hollywood Roosevelt Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 2015.jpg 1927 built
2016 HHA[16] 2022 HHA still[16]
7000 Hollywood Boulevard
34°6′4″N 118°20′30″W / 34.10111°N 118.34167°W / 34.10111; -118.34167 (The Hollywood Roosevelt)
Los Angeles Oldest continually operating hotel in Los Angeles
7 Ojai Valley Inn [[File:|125px]] 1923 built
1991 HHA[17]
2022 HHA still[17]
905 Country Club Road
34°26′16″N 119°15′18″W / 34.4378°N 119.2551°W / 34.4378; -119.2551 (Ojai Valley Inn)

Former members:


Former members:


Former members:



Casa Monica

Former members:


Former members:


Former members:


Former members:


Former members:

  • The Sherman,[8] (1852), Batesville. "in the heart of historic downtown Batesville, a convenient midway meeting point between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, The Sherman is a well-loved locale for the people of the town and an important Indiana landmark." Tudor Style.


Former members:


Former members:


Former members:



Former members:


Former members:



Former members:



Former members:


New Hampshire[edit]

Former members:

New Mexico[edit]

Formerly listed:

New Jersey[edit]

  • Caribbean Motel (1957), Wildwood Crest. " in the New Jersey beach resort community of The Wildwoods – home to the largest surviving collection of mid-20th century commercial beach resort architecture in North America."

New York[edit]

Former members:

North Carolina[edit]

Former members:



Former members:


Former members:


Former members:

Rhode Island[edit]

  • Newport Beach Hotel & Suites (1940), Middletown, "formerly known as the Inn at Newport Beach." A massive hurricane in 1938 wiped out the town's numerous beach establishments. Two years later, after the sand settled, the Toppa family decided to build a new inn on the beach, positioning the property 100 feet from the rocks and the ocean's crashing waves." Colonial Revival
  • The Hotel Viking (1926), Newport, "the most recent multi-million dollar renovation finished in 2007". Viking Hotel.

South Carolina[edit]

South Dakota[edit]



Former members:




Former members:


West Virginia[edit]

Former members:



Washington, D.C.[edit]

Puerto Rico[edit]

Former members:

U.S. Virgin Islands[edit]

Former members:

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