Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer

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Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer
Author Bruce Dodson[1]
Latest version n/a
Publisher Dr. Bruce Dodson
Published 29 November 2002
FSF approved Yes[2]
OSI approved Yes
GPL compatible Yes[2]
Copyleft No
Linking from code with a different license Yes
Website http://opensource.org/licenses/HPND
Deprecated Yes[3]

The Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer (HPND)[3] is an open source license, approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and verified as GPL-compatible by the Free Software Foundation.[2] It is unique among the OSI's licenses because of the choices it allows in its construction; it lets the licensor pick anywhere from 0-2 warranty disclaimers, whether they want to prohibit the author's name from being used in publicity or advertising surrounding a distribution (like in the BSD License), and other spelling and grammar options. Besides this, the license can be almost functionally identical to the new 3-clause BSD License (if the option for the no-promotion clause is exercised), or the MIT License (if the option for the no-promotion clause is not exercised).

Variants of this license are in use primarily in older software, including the original BSD kernel. Today,[when?] it is most popular to choose either the new 3-clause BSD License or the MIT License to meet the licensing needs of the developer.

This is the only OSI-certified license (excluding the public domain) that can lack a disclaimer of warranty.


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