Historical administrative divisions of Serbia

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This is a list of historical administrative divisions of Serbia since the establishment of the Principality of Serbia until today.

Principality of Serbia[edit]

Kingdom of Serbia[edit]

Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes[edit]


SR Serbia[edit]

Administrative division of Central Serbia from 1974 to 1990.

The Socialist Republic of Serbia, and later the Republic of Serbia (from September 28, 1990) had a complex administrative division whereby Central Serbia was subdivided into nine Intermunicipal Regional Communities (Međuopštinske regionalne zajednice - MRZ).[1] These were:

  1. South Morava (Južnomoravska MRZ, administrative centre in Leskovac),
  2. MRZ Kraljevo (administrative centre in Kraljevo),
  3. MRZ Niš (administrative centre in Niš),
  4. Podrinje-Kolubara (Podrinjsko-kolubarska MRZ, administrative centre in Valjevo),
  5. Podunavlje (Podunavska MRZ, administrative centre in Smederevo),
  6. Šumadija and Pomoravlje (MRZ Šumadije i Pomoravlja, administrative centre in Kragujevac),
  7. MRZ Titovo Užice (administrative centre in Titovo Užice), and
  8. MRZ Zaječar (administrative centre in Zaječar).

The City of Belgrade (numbered 1 on the map) was considered the capital city of Serbia and officially designated as the Collectivity of City Municipalities of Belgrade, also known as Greater Belgrade (or the Metropolitan Area of Belgrade) in geographical literature.

MRZs existed officially until December 31, 1990.

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