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The Cartography of Dublin is the history of surveying and creation of maps of the city of Dublin in Ireland. The following is a list of notable historical maps of Dublin City and County Dublin.

Year Name Cartographer/Publisher Notes Image
1610 Dubline John Speed Size 21 cm x 18 cm.
Dublin in 1610 - reprint of 1896.jpg
1673 The city and suburbs of Dublin, from Kilmainham to Rings-End wherein the rivers, streets, lanes, alleys, churches, gates & c. are exactly described Bernard de Gomme Scale 1760 yards to 1 English mile.
1685 An exact survey of the city of Dublin, and part of the harbour; anno 1685 Thomas Phillips Scale 604 feet to an inch
1714 Dublin Herman Moll
1728 A map of the city and suburbs of Dublin Charles Brooking
1756 Exact survey of the city and suburbs of Dublin John Rocque Produced on 4 sheets, each 705x495 mm. Scale 1:2400. Revised edition in 1773.
1757 A Survey of the city harbour and environs of Dublin John Rocque Size: 972 x 1390 W: 1008 x 1396.
1760 An actual survey of the county of Dublin John Rocque
1764 Plan De La Ville De Dublin Jacques-Nicholas Bellin Published by Le Petit Atlas Maritime.
1767 Exact survey of the city and suburbs of Dublin Published by Peter Wilson Size 34 cm x 23 cm. Scale of British feet 3 cm to 1000 feet. Published by Peter Wilson of Dame Street.
1780 Pool and Cash's Dublin Robert Pool and John Cash Panorama view of Dublin.
1783 Plan of Dublin from Watson's Almanack 1783 (Later known as the Treble Alamanack)
1797 Plan of Greater Dublin including Circular Roads Engraved by Samuel John Neele. Published by: William Faden. Plan of the city of Dublin as surveyed for the use of the Divisional Justices to which have been added plans of the canal. Engraved by S. J. Neele, 52, Strand. Published by: W. Faden, Geographer to the King, Charing Cross, 2 January 1797. Sold by: W. Allen & J. Archer, Dublin.
1798 Modern Plan of the City and Environs of Dublin William M Wilson
1799 Browrigg's Map 5th Division of Dublin
1811 Thomas Campbell's map of the City of Dublin
1812 WDD New and Improved Plan of the Society of the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge William Corbet of SDUK
1816 Taylor's Environs of Dublin John Taylor Scale 2 inches to 1 mile. Kieran Swords says Taylor had a "cavalier attitude to territorial boundaries in County Dublin where he ignored civil parishes and where his barony boundaries are very sketchy".[1]
1818 Plan of Dublin
1821 Maps of the county of Dublin William Duncan 8 sheets. Duncan was commissioned by the Dublin Grand Jury to produce a set of maps of Dublin for administrative and planning uses. Southern 4 sheets [layer "Duncan (1821)"]
1836 Dublin Street Directory Map with engravings of the principal buildings in Dublin Published by Baldwin & Cradock of SDUK Published under the superintendence of the Society of the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Colour map.
1836 SDUK map-of-Dublin.jpg
1837 Dublin Environs Drawn by B. R. Davies. Published by SDUK Published under the superintendence of the Society of the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.
1837 SDUK map-of-Dublin-environs.jpg
1840 Pettigrew and Oulton's Dublin Directory
1843 Ordnance Survey 6-inch First Edition Ordnance Survey Scale 6 inches to 1 mile.
1848 Dublin. The General Post Office Directory
1848 Environs of Dublin S. Orr and Co, Amen Corner, London
1851 General Map of the Environs of Dublin and parts of Wicklow
1852 Dublin Street Directory Map showing the boundaries of several wards Size: 40.5 cm x 28 cm. Scale: 4 and one-eighth inches to one statute mile. General Post Office Directory. Colour map
1863 Dublin showing the Boundaries of several Wards. Engraved for the General Post Office. Published by Alex Thom, 87 Abbey St
1865 Dublin Parish Maps
1872 Dublin by Harper's Handbook
1880 Ordnance Survey Map of the City and its Environs Ordnance Survey Constructed for Thom's Almanac and Official Directory. Printed and published by Alexander Thom, 87 & 88 Abbey Street, Dublin. Under direction of Lt Colonel Martin. Scale 6 inches to 1 mile.
1885 Plan of Dublin
1885 Environs of Dublin By Edward Weller F.R.G.S.
1888 German map of Dublin
Karte Dublin MKL1888.png
1893 Insurance Plan of the City of Dublin Charles E. Goad
1895 Bacon's Large Scale Plan of Dublin for Cyclists and Tourists Published by G.W. Bacon and Co., London Size 82 cm x 70 cm. Scale 6" : 1 mile. Publish by company of George Washington Bacon (1830–1922).
1906–9 Ordnance Survey 25-inch Second Edition Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500 (c.25 inches to 1 mile).
1912 Dublin City Published by A&C Black, London
1913 Plan of Dublin


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