History of the Soul

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History of the soul
Cover of the 1995 edition of History of the Soul, depicting the deserts of China's Northwest
Author Zhang Chengzhi
Original title 心灵史 (Xīnlíng Shĭ)
Country People's Republic of China
Language Chinese
Genre Narrative history
Publisher Huacheng Publishing House
Publication date
Media type Book
Pages 298
Preceded by Golden Pastures (金牧场)
Followed by 红卫兵の时代

History of the Soul, written by Zhang Chengzhi, is a work of narrative history spanning 172 years, which explores the personal and religious conflicts among the Jahriyya, a Sufi tariqah in Northwestern China.[1] Published in 1991, it went on to become China's second-best selling book in 1994.[2][3]

Plot Summary[edit]

The book is divided into seven chapters or "gates", each corresponding to one of the seven generations of the masters, martyrs, and common people of the Jahriyya Order.

  • Chapter 1: The Scarlet Green Banner (红色绿旗)
  • Chapter 2: The True Vanishing (真实的隐没)
  • Chapter 3: Exile (流放)
  • Chapter 4: A New World (新世界)
  • Chapter 5: The Beauty of Martyrdom (牺牲之美)
  • Chapter 6: Disgraced (被侮辱的)
  • Chapter 7: Knocking on Modernity's Gate (叩开现代的大门)