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HitClips is a digital audio player created by Tiger Electronics that plays ultra-low-fi mono one-minute clips of pop songs.[1] There is a version for young children called KidClips.[2] HitClips were first distributed by McDonald's when they released music by *NSYNC and Britney Spears. In 1999, Hitclips earned Tiger Electronics approximately $80 million.[1] Tiger Electronics has licensing agreements for HitClips with popular major record labels including Atlantic Records, Jive Records, Zomba Label Group, and Capitol Records.[3] HitClips was first promoted by McDonald's, Radio Disney, and Lunchables.[4]

Reaction to HitClips was mixed. On Parents Talk: Through Children Eyes subsection, the product was approved by 69% of readers and disapproved of by 30% of readers. However, the product was panned by many of the readers in written reviews. Although the authenticity or the periodicity of this source was not confirmed, many commentators stated that they would rather spend their money on an MP3 player or that they already owned a boombox/CD player. This suggests that HitClips failed to effectively compete with the more expensive albeit higher quality market. Also, the commentators make several references to MP3 players stating "I say save your money for a *real* MP3 player!!!" This suggests that the rise of MP3 tech along with other factors compounded to lead to HitClips' demise.[5]

Song List[edit]

The songs that were on the Hit Clips Cartridge in 1999-2003 before Hit Clips Disc came along.

Hit Clips 1999-2003 [6][edit]

Hit Clips Disc 2003-2004[6][edit]

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