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Hit Fm
Hitfm Logo.JPG
Broadcast area Taipei, Taiwan
Taoyuan City (some areas)
Taichung, Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Yilan County, Taiwan
Hualien County
Branding Hit Fm
Slogan Only want to listen to Music
(Pinyin:Zhǐ Xiǎng Tīng Yīn Yuè)
Frequency 107.7 MHz (TaipeiHualien)
90.1 MHz (Kaohsiung)
91.5 MHz (Taichung)
97.1MHz (Yilan)
First air date September 17, 1998
Format Pop Music (Mandopop)
Class -
Owner Voice of Taipei
Website http://www.hitoradio.com

Hit FM is a pop music radio station in Taiwan (Republic of China). It broadcasts in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Hit FM is owned by Music of Taipei Communications (台北音樂廣播, Pinyin: Táiběi Yīnyuè Guǎngbō). It is one of the radio stations under Hitoradio.com. Hit FM is the highest-rated Top Ten radio station in Taiwan.


Fresh Release[edit]

The show, "Fresh Release" broadcast pop music. Hit Fm is one of the Chinese radio stations that broadcasts songs. Their competitor, Kaohsiung-based Kiss Radio Taiwan, also broadcasts Mandopop as well as English top 40 songs.

Hit DJ[edit]

Each Weekend, two artists (group) introduce music on air. Many Taiwanese/Mandarin Pop Music Artists, such as Jay Chou, Show Luo, A-Mei, Jolin Tsai, S.H.E, Leehom Wang, Stefanie Sun, F.I.R., etc., have done their time as DJs.

Hit FM No.1[edit]

Everyday, Hit Fm introduces the No. 1 song from different music charts throughout the world.

  • Monday: U.S. Billboard Hot 100
  • Tuesday: Hito Chinese Pop Charts (Hito 中文排行榜 Pinyin: zhōng wén pái háng bǎng)
  • Wednesday: UK Singles Chart
  • Thursday: Japan Oricon Charts (オリコン)
  • Friday: Global Chinese Board (全球華語排行榜 Pinyin: quán qiú huá yǔ pái háng bǎng)

Hit of the Century[edit]

Every day, Hit Fm retrospects significant pop music from different era after 1980s. This show broadcasts at 7:15, 11:15, 15:15, 19:15, 00:15. But now this feature has been abolished.

Annual Charts[edit]

Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) is a yearly compilation chart since 1998, by Hit Fm of the top 100 singles by online poll, weekly charts, and sales volume (G-Music Charts).

List of Hit Fm stations[edit]

Station Frequency
Voice Of Taipei(臺北之音廣播電臺)
Esat Taiwan Radio Station(東臺灣廣播電臺)
FM 107.7
Central Taiwan Radio(中臺灣廣播電臺) FM 91.5
Kao-Ping Radio Station(高屏廣播電臺) FM 90.1
Jhong-Shan Radio Station(中山廣播電臺) FM 97.1


Timetable Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
05:00 North、Yilan:Only want listen to music
Central:Morning DJ
North & South: Only want listen to music
Central: We Can DJ (AKA)
07:00 Good Morning DJ
(North & South:Kris; Central:Michelle)
09:00 Huo Li DJ
(A Juan)
*Friday 11:00 Global Pop Music Charts
North: Lai Chuang DJ (Phoenix)
Central: Dian Bo Te Qu Ri Chang (mini)
South: Dian Bo Te Qu (Xiao Mi)
12:00 North & Central: Qiao Ban DJ
(North: Xiao Guang; Central: Cherry)
South: FUN DJ (MOMO Jiang)
Yilan:Good afternoon!jia bao le mei? (Yu mei)(12:00~13:00)
Yin yue qing song dian (碧玲)(13:00~15:00)
Western Charts
Japanese Asian Charts
13:00 Hit Zhou Mo!
(Emi Lee)
14:00 North & South: Wu Cha DJ (SoWhat)
Central: RELAX DJ (Erin)
North: Ke Yin Yue (Austin)
Central: Xiao Yuan Qing Chun Lu (Gracie)
South: HITO FUN Qing Song (Alvan)
16:00 PLAY DJ
(BIBI Zhao Zhi Bi)
North: Freezy DJ (Kay Huang)
Central: Xiao Yuan Qing Chun Lu (Gracie)
South: HITO FUN Qing Song (Alvan)
17:00 Hit DJ
(Guest DJ)
Hit DJ
(Guest DJ)
18:00 North: PLAY DJ (BiBi Zhao Zhi Bi)
Central: RELAX DJ (Erin)
South: FUN DJ (MOMO Jiang)
HITO Chang Pian Hang
19:00 Nai Wan DJ
*Friday 19:00 Chinese Charts
20:00 Retro DJ
(ciacia her Xin Hui)
Rock DJ
(ciacia her Xin Hui)
21:00 OH Night DJ
(Waa Wei)
22:00 North: HITO Late Night Show
(Ma Nian Xian & Qi Ge)
Central: WE CAN DJ (AKA)
South: Bu Shui Zhou Mo Ye (FIFI)
23:00 Ye Mao DJ
(Dennis Au)
00:00 North & South: Love DJ
(North: Christine; South: ALAN)
Central: Dian Bo Te Qu Ye Chang (A Tang)
02:00 Only want listen to music
Only want listen to music

Remarks: Timetable is as of March 15, 2010. Times stated above are at local times (Taiwan Standard Time, UTC+8). The names of the DJ are in parenthesis.

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Source: Pinyin translated by CozyChinese.Com