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In 1992, The Wedding Present decided to release a limited edition single every month, each featuring an original track on the A side and a cover on the B side. The tracks were compiled as two LPs called Hit Parade 1 and Hit Parade 2 and re-released as a double CD in 2003 called The Hit Parade.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Blue Eyes"
  2. "Go Go Dancer"
  3. "Three"
  4. "Silver Shorts"
  5. "Come Play With Me"
  6. "California"
  7. "Cattle and Cane" (The Go-Betweens)
  8. "Don't Cry No Tears" (Neil Young and Crazy Horse)
  9. "Think That it Might" (Altered Images)
  10. "Falling" (Julee Cruise)
  11. "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (The Monkees)
  12. "Let's Make Some Plans" (Close Lobsters)