Hitachi-LG Data Storage

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Hitachi-LG Data Storage
Industry Data Storage
Founded 2000
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Young-Keun Park, President & CEO
Shiwa Yoshihiro, President & CFO
Products Optical disc drives

Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS), a joint venture between Hitachi and LG, is a manufacturer of DVD and Blu-ray disk drives for desktop and notebook computers.[1] Founded in late 2000, the company began operation in January 2001, and shipped its first product, the HL-DT-ST GCC-4120B combo drive[citation needed], in the summer of that year.[2] In 2006, HLDS began developing Blu-ray Disc drives.[3] The company claims that it has led the disk drive industry in market share since its founding, with a 20% share for fiscal year 2001,[4] and 29% for fiscal year 2012.[1]

HLDS drives identify themselves to the computer in which they are installed as "HL-DT-ST" - Hitachi-LG Data Storage - followed by its actual model number.[5]

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