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Tama Toshi Monorail, a "Large" Hitachi monorail system

The Hitachi Monorail System refers to the family of monorails offered by Hitachi, Ltd.

List of notable Hitachi monorails[1][edit]

Hitachi's designs are ALWEG-based, and are available in three configurations:

Type Capacity Axle load Track beam Maximum grade Curving radius
Large 415 11 t 850 × 1500 mm 6% 70 m
Standard 348 10 t 800 × 1400 mm 6% 70 m
Small 194 8 t 700 × 1300 mm 6% 40 m
All specifications as per Hitachi.[2] "Capacity" represents regular load (three passengers per square metre) for a four-car trainset.




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