Hitachi Type 73

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Type 73
Type Artillery tractor
Place of origin  Japan
Service history
Used by Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Production history
Designed 1974
Manufacturer Hitachi
Weight 19.8 t
Length 6.13 m
Width 2.95 m
Height 2.30 m
Crew 1 + 11

Armor none
12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun
Engine Mitsubishi ZF6 six-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine
400 hp (298 kW)
300 km
Speed 45 km/h

The Type 73 is an artillery tractor of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.


The first production of the Type 73 was in 1974, built by Hitachi as a domestic replacement for the American M4 and M8 high-speed tractors. It was never produced in large numbers, as self-propelled artillery became the new focus.


The cab and gun crew compartments of the Type 73 are fully enclosed steel designs, with ammunition carried in a separate compartment at the rear. A 400 hp Mitsubishi diesel engine powers full tracks, and armament is a single 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun.


The Type 73 was intended to tow weapons such as the 155 mm Long Tom gun and the M115 203 mm howitzer. It can also be fitted with a dozer blade, or alternatively, the Type 92 mine roller.


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