Hito ni Yasashiku

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"Hito ni Yasashiku"
Hito ni Yasashiku cover.jpg
Single by The Blue Hearts
A-side "'Hito ni Yasashiku'"
B-side "'Hammer (48-oku no Blues)'"
Released February 25, 1987
February 6, 2002 (rerelease)
Recorded Sound Inn
Genre Punk rock
Length 5m26s
Label Juggler
Meldac Records
Songwriter(s) Hiroto Kōmoto
Producer(s) The Blue Hearts
The Blue Hearts singles chronology
"Hito ni Yasashiku"
"'Linda Linda'"
Hito ni Yasashiku
Linda Linda

"Hito ni Yasashiku" (人にやさしく, Be Kind to People) was the first single by the Japanese band The Blue Hearts. It was first released on an independent label on February 25, 1987, before the band signed with a record company. Lyrics and music were written by Hiroto Kōmoto, the band's lead vocalist, and was arranged by The Blue Hearts. The track is 5m26s in length. The cover for the single was designed by Junnosuke Kawaguchi, the band's bassist.

The B-side track on the single was "Hammer (48-oku no Blues)" (ハンマー(48億のブルース)), which was written by Masatoshi Mashima, the band's guitarist.

Original recording[edit]

The song was originally released as a single on an independent label. It was again released as a single after the band signed to a record label. The new release, however, was remixed and the original recording can only be found on the analog record of the single.

Other releases[edit]

The song was also released on the following albums:

Related media[edit]

The song was featured in a 2002 Fuji Television drama of the same name.[1]

A cover version of the song can be heard being played on GuitarFreaks while Charlotte wanders through the arcade in the film Lost in Translation.

A cover version of the song is the opening theme of the 2015 anime The Rolling Girls.


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