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Hitomi Yoshizawa, a Japanese pop singer
Pronunciation (HEE-toh-mee)
Gender Feminine
Language(s) Japanese
Word/name Japanese
Meaning pupil of the eyewisdom, intellectbeautiful although it can have different meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of origin Japan

Hitomi (ヒトミ, ひとみ?) is a feminine Japanese given name. It is often written with the single kanji 瞳 (Japanese for eye) or the two kanji 仁美. It can also come from 智 (hito) meaning "wisdom, intellect" and 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful". Individuals may alternatively write the name using the hiragana as ひとみ. The singer hitomi writes her stage name using the Latin alphabet.

Possible writings[edit]

  • 仁美, "benevolent, humane, noble, beauty"
  • 人美, "someone, person, beauty"
  • 一美, "one, beauty"
  • 均美, "level beauty"
  • 等美, "class, equal, beauty"
  • 傭美, "employ, hire, beauty"



  • Hitomi Furuya (古谷仁美, born 1976), a Japanese singer-songwriter
  • Hitomi Kuroishi (黒石ひとみ), a Japanese singer, author, and composer noted for her involvement with the soundtracks of the anime Last Exile and Code Geass[1]
  • Hitomi Shimatani (島谷ひとみ, born 1980), a Japanese female pop singer whose songs include one of Inuyashas opening theme songs "Angelus"
  • Hitomi Takahashi (singer) (高橋 瞳, born 1989), a Japanese rock/pop singer who is famous for her Gundam Seed Destiny song "Bokutachi no Yukue"
  • Hitomi Yaida (矢井田 瞳 born 1978), A Japanese pop/folk rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, and musician
  • Hitomi Yoshizawa (吉澤 ひとみ, born 1985), Japanese pop singer and former leader of the J-pop group Morning Musume
  • Hitomi Isaka (井坂 仁美 ), member of the group Kamen Rider Girls

Voice actresses/actresses[edit]


  • Hitomi Kamanaka (鎌仲ひとみ, born 1958), Japanese documentary filmmaker
  • Hitomi Kanehara (金原 ひとみ, born 1983), writer who wrote Hebi ni Piasu (Snakes and Earrings)
  • Hitomi Kashima (鹿島 瞳, born 1980), former Japanese butterfly swimmer
  • Hitomi Soga (曽我ひとみ, born 1959), Japanese woman who was abducted to North Korea to train agents in Japanese customs and language
  • Hitomi Takagaki (高垣 眸, 1898–1983), Japanese writer
  • Hitomi Yamaguchi, author and contributor to Nakayoshi
  • Kinue Hitomi (人見 絹枝, 1907–1931), Japanese athlete and the first Japanese woman to receive an Olympic medal


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