Hitomi Kudo

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Hitomi Kudo
Native name 工藤 ひとみ
Born (1970-08-17) August 17, 1970 (age 46)[1]
Tokyo, Japan[1]
Other names Masami Sakashita (坂下真巳)
Narumi Sanada (真田なるみ)
Height 1.61 m (5 ft 3 12 in)[2]

Hitomi Kudo (Japanese: 工藤 ひとみ, Hepburn: Kudō Hitomi, Chinese: 工藤瞳, Cantonese Yale: Gung1 Tang4 Tung4) is a Japanese actress and former AV idol. Her name is also found as Hitomi Kudou and Hitomi Kudoh.

Life and career[edit]

Hitomi Kudo was born in Tokyo (or Hokkaido)[3] on August 17, 1969[4][5] (or 1970 as per some sources)[1][2] and made her AV debut in the July 1989 release In a Dream (夢の中へ, Yume no Naka e) under the h.m.p. Miss Christine label.[6] In the March 1990 video release from VIP, Everyday Fucked, Kudo played a character whose sexual desires are not satisfied even by daily sex.[7] In her later AV career, she appeared in some S&M titles for the Art Video label.[8]

Kudo's first Hong Kong film was Lam Ngai Kai's Category III classic Erotic Ghost Story from May, 1990[9] and she also had an appearance with Amy Yip in the sequel Erotic Ghost Story II (1991).[10]

In 1991, Kudo starred in pink film pioneer Satoru Kobayashi's Xces release, Joshi Daisei: Dorei Shigan (女子大生 奴隷志願).[11] She also starred in the same director and studio's 1994 release Kyosei Waisetsu Shimai (強制わいせつ姉妹),[12] which was re-released as Sister's Donburi (姉妹どんぶり 味くらべ, Shimai Donburi: Ajikurabe).[13]

Kudo started erotic dancing at the famous Asakusa strip theatre Rokku-za (ロック座) in 1990 and retired from the strip club Sendai Rock (仙台ロック, Sendai-rokku) in 1999.[14]


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